Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Ahead

So after digesting last nights loss let's take a look ahead to tomorrows game against the Celtics.  First off, I think this will be a hard game for the Pistons to win because Boston, even though they're getting older, is still a great team.  (It pains me to pay them that kind of a compliment by the way)  In a lot of ways they remind of the last few years the Pistons had "the core" together before Wallace x 2 walked and Billups was traded.  But there a few things going for the Pistons going into this one.

Boston is a much older team and will probably have a harder time playing a fast paced game if the Pistons can keep the tempo up.  On the flip side of that, if they can't defend Boston's half court offense they're chances of getting out on the fast break will be limited.  So they NEED  to be better defensively which will hopefully feed a faster paced game which will suit them better since they're a much younger team.

The Celtics not having Paul Pierce, if he's still injured, will help the Pistons out a lot.  He seems to always kill the Pistons, and really any other team they play, with those step back mid range jumpers.  I can't stand the guy personally, but he is a good player.  And for any team to be missing one of their best players always helps the opposing team.

Over all they could walk away with a win considering the Celtics are 0 and 3 and don't seem to be clicking on all cylinders.  But they Pistons are going to have to play very well and not make a lot of mistakes to pull it off. 

The thing I most look forward to is the continuous improvement of Brandon Knight.  He played lights out last night and as I've said before, he seems like he's already been in the NBA for 1 or 2 years already.   If he continues to play the way he has I don't know how Lawrence Frank can't insert him into the starting line up.  Personally I'd like to see him and Greg Monroe develop a little inside outside game and get some chemistry together.  But over all I'm just impressed with how he can drive, draw the defense in, and then kick out to open shooters.  If there's something that the Pistons have a lot of it's people who can knock down open shots.  So to have someone like Brandon is a good thing.  They just have to start knocking down more shots.....and play much better defense.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring the Pistons their first win!!  Go Pistons!

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